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Lynzi Leroy

Founder of Aspacetoshare.com

Renting an office, a salon, or an exhibition space, can be expensive and risky, and with modern ways of working now allowing us run successful businesses from home, a long-term lease on a property is not always a viable option, especially for a fledgling business. I rented an office space a few years after launching a business but I found that I hardly ever used the space.Although I did really need space away from home once or twice a week, and additional storage, more often than not, the office was unmanned. In the end, I gave up the office when the two year lease expired, as I could not justify the large cost for the amount of time I used it. I was then left with a dilemma as I still needed space to store equipment, to get a break from working at home, or to meet clients, but being tied into another two year lease simply did not make good business sense.

This made me look closer at the availability of offices, and storage space in my area. I found that like many High Streets and central locations all over the UK, there were shops, offices, and lock-ups empty everywhere. However, these places often sit empty for years rather than months, due to the expensive rent and long term leases, that Agents want us to buy into. The way we work and shop has changed due to the internet but the High Street has not moved with these times. It is now, more than ever, a huge risk to take on a long-term lease on the High Street, and yet agents have not looked at other options which could allow businesses to use the available space in better ways. As I watched more charity shops, betting shops and loan sharks (sorry, I mean loan shops), take up the available spaces, only sparsely separated by coffee shops and the odd artisan business, I began to think there must be a better way of doing this.

I started looking at space with a whole new light. What I saw was that many businesses have space that they do not use. I would be in a clients office and see that they had one or two offices empty, or a few desks. I saw that shops often had large storage space above or below their premises that could be used as a temporary office, or an artistic space. I saw that people with central parking spots often worked out of town or did not have a car.

I then wondered where you would go to find a short-term space that is suitable for your business needs. Where would a massage therapist or nail technician go to find an up and running Salon that may have space available to rent on an adhoc basis? Where would a self-employed Architect go to find an office or desk, they could use for a short period of time, to be close to a client they are working with?If I owned a Gallery or shop where would I go to find local artists or designers? Where would you advertise to find them?The list goes on!

This is why I created Aspacetoshare.com, a hub for people to advertise space they have available for short periods of time. My vision is to change the way we use the available space around us.To help small businesses and individuals to make a little extra income from the space they have available, and on the other side of the coin, help small businesses and individuals to find space that is affordable and flexible for their needs.