Renting an office, a salon, or an exhibition space can be expensive and risky. With modern ways of working allowing us to run businesses from home, a long-term lease on a property is not always a viable option, especially for a fledgling business.

Our vision is to change the way we use the available space around us., is a hub for people to advertise space they may like to share for short periods. We want to help small businesses and individuals make a little extra income from the space they have available and. at the same time, help small businesses and individuals find space that is affordable and flexible, fitting their needs.

We want to be at the heart of the community, identifying property that has been empty for long periods of time, encouraging landlords to offer short-term and shared leases. Working closely with other community-based groups, we shall look at reinventing our high streets, helping new businesses become integral parts of thriving communities, especially small community-based businesses, coops and social enterprises.

A Space to Share is a social enterprise. Our profits will be reinvested into growing our business and developing our staff, as well as funding community-based workshops aimed at the long-term unemployed.

Landlords, have you been trying to sell or rent for months? Do you have under utilized rooms or spaces?

If you have property or space that has been sitting idle for six months or more, why not make it available for short-term use? You can help the local economy and community, and earn some extra money. Even renting out a space for a day could be an option.