List a Space

Do you have a space that is sitting dormant, unused or unloved? Have you often wondered where to go to offer your space to someone for rent, on a flexible and short-term contract? Welcome to A Space to Share, where you can offer space of any shape or size, for short periods of time, to people who are looking for more flexible ways to run their businesses.


Before listing your space, please think about the following:

Q. What can the hall used for? Are there any restrictions that should be pointed out?

Q. What is the size of the hall?

Q. Are there any other spaces or facilities available for use around the hall, such as toilets and/or kitchen facilities?

Q. Is the hall owned privately or by an organisation such as the church or local community?

Q. Do you have any suggestions as to what the hall could be used for?


We are looking for salons of all kinds. Here are a few examples of the spaces we hope to offer:

Hair Salons – chair rentals in existing salons/use of salons out of hours

Beauty Salons – rooms available for therapists to rent

Therapist Offices (see also office category) – rooms available for other therapists or beauticians to rent


This is a broad category as people can now base themselves anywhere, and even move from place to place. This allows us to open our minds to a wider range of working spaces that can be used as hubs or bases. Here are a few examples of spacesyou may be able to offer:

Desks – adhoc or regular

Offices – from large to small, possibly sharing with an existing business

Meeting Rooms – large or small, there will be someone who will appreciate what you can offer

Empty Spaces – we encouragelandlords to open up spaces,which have been on the property market for six months more, for short-term leases


If you have an existing shop, or an empty shop space, here are a few ideas of how you could rent out the space:

Pop-Up Shops – Both existing shop premises and empty premises can benefit from pop-up shops.

Share the Space – Allow local suppliers and artisan businesses to share the space by having a stand or area of your existing shop to sell their goods.

Get Together – If you advertise under this category it means you are open to being approached by a coalition of two or more small businesses getting together to rent premises that can showcase their goods.

Adaptable Space – You may have a room at the back, above or below your shop premises that can be rented out as a workshop, office or storage space.


Do you have a parking space, a driveway or a garage available to rent? Perhaps it’s in a busy central location, or close to an airport or train station where people have to pay a lot to park their vehicle.


Finding good outdoor/indoor space suitable for tradesmen can be difficult in towns and cities. Here are some suggestions as to how you could make additional income from sharing your yard:

Storing tools and equipment – Large outdoor yards can be shared by various tradesmen for storing scaffolding, machinery and small works vehicles.

Sharing tools and equipment – A yard with an indoor working space can be shared with tradesmen that complement your existing business. For example, if you have a joiner’s yard, you might look for a builder to share your yard, and in return they could share their customer base with you.


Your imagination can run wild with this category. What’s not suitable to use as a gallery space is probably an easier question to answer!Do any of the following apply to the space you have available?

Existing Galleries – looking for artists to show their work

Churches & Halls – offering larger spaces for exhibiting

Cool Buildings – perhaps you have a large office or workspace in an unusual building that could be utilised for showing artwork or exhibitions

Pubs & Cafés – offering wall space to exhibit for a commission on sales

Public Buildings – town halls, schools, community centres and care homes for the elderly can all make fantastic gallery spaces


There are so many wonderful ways we can share space. If none of the categories we have suggested suits your needs, create your own here. We will be looking closely at what ideas are suggested, and we will consider creating new categories for any popular ones. If there is anything in particular you would like advice about, please get in touch.